Fall Conference 2016 Registration

Please read the BCYAYM Covenants before filling out the registration form below.


BCYAYM fosters a community of friendship, respect, and concern for others. We strive to create a safe space for everyone, with awareness and regard for our diverse contexts. We welcome everyone’s multi-faceted beliefs while participating in the Christian beliefs of our Anglican tradition.

Positive relationships and community require positive boundaries that make everyone feel safe, welcome, and accepted. These covenants aim to establish those boundaries so that everyone will have a fantastic experience with BCYAYM.

Be inclusive of others. Whether your friendships are new or old, be welcoming to everyone and open to forming new friendships. Support diversity and be respectful of all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, ability, race, culture, or background.

Be present and on site for all aspects of BCYAYM events. Leaders work hard to create events that are engaging, relevant, and interesting. They are also responsible for the safety of everyone. Our leaders recognize that sometimes you might not be able to participate in a particular activity. Please approach them if you have any concerns and they will be happy to make arrangements for you.

Do not enter anyone else’s sleeping area or touch their property without permission. In order to create a safe space for everyone, we all need to respect the space of others, their property, and their personal boundaries.

BCYAYM values the formation of strong, long-lasting, and significant relationships, however explicit sexual activity takes people away from the larger community and detracts from BCYAYM’s goal of inclusivity. Therefore refrain from sexual activity while attending a BCYAYM event.

Abstain from the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs. BCYAYM recognizes that everyone comes from different backgrounds, contexts, and places in their lives. Removing these substances from our events helps ensure that everyone feels safe.

If you smoke tobacco or have medications, please contact our leaders so that they may make arrangements with you.

Anyone who breaks the community covenants will be addressed by our leadership and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Consequences will be appropriate but may result in the participant being sent home at their expense.


Please fill out the registration form, then mail your registration fee via cheque to BCYAYM (see mailing address at bottom of page).

Registration form & health form

Name *
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Main Phone Number
Must be a parent/guardian's if under 19.
Personal Cell Number
Personal Cell Number
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Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
We provide transportation from a limited selection of cities. Knowing where you will be coming/travelling from helps us determine who is on which busses travelling to Fall Conference.
If not, how did you hear about this retreat?
We provide male, female, and a co-ed sleeping quarter for participants who do not identify with binary gender roles.
All measures foreseeable have been taken to make the Fall Conference a fun and safe event, but by registering and by selecting 'yes' below, you accept that the organizers and the British Columbia and Yukon Anglican Youth Movement (BCYAYM) are not liable in the event of any personal injury (including mental trauma), death and property damages including expenses or loss sustained by the participant as the result of their participation at the Fall Conference. *
BCYAYM will be taking photos of this event for use on our website, other publicity materials and related publications, such as diocesan newsletters. By selecting 'yes' on this release, you permit BCYAYM to use your name and photograph in all forms of media which may result from the Fall Conference and waive the right to approve the finished product. *
Primary Contact in case of emergency *
Primary Contact in case of emergency
Primary Contact's Phone Number *
Primary Contact's Phone Number
Secondary Contact in case of emergency *
Secondary Contact in case of emergency
Secondary Contact's Phone Number *
Secondary Contact's Phone Number

To Pay: mail your cheque (made out to BCYAYM) covering the registration fee and t-shirt fee if you’ve pre-ordered one.

If you mail your cheque before September 18 (our early- bird deadline) the registration fee is $150.

If you mail your cheque after September 18 (after our early-bird deadline has passed) the registration fee is $180.

YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE OCTOBER 1st (otherwise we cannot guarantee you will be able to attend the conference).

Please mail your registration fee via cheque to:

St. George’s Anglican Church
3909 St. George’s Lane
Victoria, BC
V8N 4E3